Our Services

Here at Coachillin', we have assembled an elite team of uniquely qualified industry experts; offering best-in-class consulting services & support systems to the owners, tenants, and operators in the Coachillin’ CannaBusiness Park.



Real estate

Coachillin’ provides in-house real estate services including sales, marketing, and general property management. We are a one-stop-shop, providing park tenants and clients with transparency and consistency across the entire project.

Cultivation Design & Agricultural Consulting

Coachillin’ Holdings offers in-house agricultural design, planning, engineering, and construction management services. Our partner company EcoMaster Corp. (EMC) specializes not only in green residential & commercial construction services, but also in state-of-art climate-controlled farming technologies. Specifically, the design & construction of innovative energy-efficient hybrid greenhouse & indoor cultivation facilities. Having consulted for several growers, we carefully address the unique needs and desired spacial requirements of every operation (whether remodeling an existing operation or new construction built-to-suit)!

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Coachillin’ can set you up with the latest sustainable growing solutionsdelivering maximum yields at the lowest possible energy expense. Coachillin’ provides consulting services with regards to building the most sustainable and eco-friendly cultivation facilities including –but not limited to– equipment, work-flow, HVAC, regulatory code requirements and more!


State & Municipal Compliance

Coachillin' has created a central hub of information and support documents to assist operators with their state and local compliance requirements - from building & development to continued operational compliance. We help our owners and tenants navigate the ever-changing regulations at both the state & municipal levels.


State-Of-The Art Technology

Coachillin’ Technology LLC focuses on streamlined integration of various security & technology solutions. Some services we offer (as well as projects currently in development) include:

  • Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform equipped with:

    • Seed-to-Sale / Track & Trace functionality for complete regulatory compliance and chain of custody monitoring.

  • Environmental Data CollectionA.I. Controls Systems, and Cutting-Edge Analytical Tools

    • Universal compatibility with leading environmental control systems. Robust data aggregation engine with analytics powered by A.I. & machine-learning algorithms to derive actionable business intelligence / insights at both the macro & granular levels.

  • Private Air-Blown Fiber-Optic Infrastructure & Internet Service Provider (ISP)

    • Offering fiber-optic connection speeds to all facilities in the project for remote monitoring and secure operational control. Separate closed-loop dedicated fiber network for surveillance & security tech.

  • Cost-Conscious Security Technology Integration

    • Deploying unified platform for project-wide video surveillance, intrusion detection, and facility access control. Advanced event-based security monitoring, with powerful real-time video analytics & incident detection systems.

And so much more....!