The Coachillin' Vision

We are Raising the bar & ushering in
a new era of world-class sustainability.

Our revolutionary Coachillin' Industrial Cultivation & Ancillary Canna-Business Park sets a new industry standard with unprecedented energy efficiency, operational cost control, clean cultivation practices, ground-breaking research, regulatory compliance, and production of neutraceutical-grade cannabis products for patients throughout California.


Full Project Overview

Project Overview video, featuring the Coachillin' Industrial Cultivation & Ancillary Canna Business Park.

Dr. Robb Farms – Parcel #12

Featured Farm 3D Tour

Take a tour of Dr. Robb Farms' mixed-light licensed cannabis cultivation facility (located in the Coachillin' CannaBusiness Park on Parcel #12)! This is hybrid greenhouse is state-of-the-art.

Club Coachillin’ + Touring & Education Facility

3D Tour - our flagship building:

This flagship Coachillin' building will be an open-to-the-public facility...

The FIRST FLOOR featuring (1) an industry showcase, (2) educational theater, (3) behind-glass tours of actual cannabis cultivation operations, (4) in-house doctors offering medical consultations, and (5) a storefront retail dispensary.

The SECOND FLOOR will feature
Club Coachillin', a private members-only club, lounge, restaurant, and business center.

Coachill-Inn 420 Resort & Concert Amphitheater

3D Facilities Tour

Sneak preview of our most recent designs for the 420-friendly Coachill-Inn Resort and Amphitheater coming SOON!