Streamlined approvals with a master Coachillin' specific plan

The Coachillin' Project is fully-entitled, having obtained Desert Hot Springs approval for a whole-project Specific Plan (DHS SP #01-17). The Coachillin' Specific Plan eliminates the need for individual Conditional Use Permits (CUP's) for canna-businesses with operations located within the Coachillin' project. Instead, the Coachillin' Specific Plan –approved by DHS City Council & Planning Commission on November 7, 2017– changes commercial cannabis uses within the Coachillin' Project from conditional uses to allowed uses (by parcel right).


The Coachillin' Specific Plan & other entitlement documentation can be downloaded at the links below:

  1. Coachillin' SPECIFIC PLAN #01-17 [June 2019 Update]
    (Original Approvals Received by DHS City Council on Nov. 7, 2017)

  2. Coachillin' FINAL MAP (Recorded by Riverside County)

  3. Coachillin' Subdivision Improvement Agreement (SIA)

  4. DHS City Council Staff Report for CUP #17-17 (Approved Oct. 17, 2017 for Incubator & Laboratory Facility)