Our Competitive Edge

empowering Canna-Businesses for long-term success

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The Coachillin' Project is the largest master planned canna-business park in North America. We have reimagined cooperative cost-sharingensuring the owners & tenants within the Coachillin' Canna-Business Park find long-term success through lowest cost of goods sold in the industry.

Streamlined approvals with a master Coachillin' specific plan

The Coachillin' Project is fully-entitled, having obtained Desert Hot Springs approval for a whole-project Specific Plan (DHS SP #01-17). The Coachillin' Specific Plan eliminates the need for individual Conditional Use Permits (CUP's) for canna-businesses with operations located within the Coachillin' project. Instead, the Coachillin' Specific Plan –approved by DHS City Council & Planning Commission on November 7, 2017– changes commercial cannabis uses within the Coachillin' Project from conditional uses to permitted uses (by parcel right).

The Coachillin' Specific Plan & other entitlement documentation Is available for download Here

Ensuring the lowest possible operating costs for Property Owners & Tenants in Coachillin'


Southern California Edison (SCE) is local utility provider.

Coachillin' has secured Ag-Rates for power from SCE.

  • Ag-Rates mean cultivators are not subject to SCE electric tier bumps!

    • ± 50% electric cost reduction when compared to domestic power rates subject to tier bumps!

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Our commercial and agricultural rates are not tiered; they are time-of-use. This means that the rate does not change based on quantity used. They are more or less expensive based on time of day and season (please see link below). Since you’re building shells for lease/sale, the meters will be initially set up on General Service rates. When the cultivator comes in to take over service in his/her name, then they would initiate their turn-on for service as an Ag rate. This includes a validation that at least 70% of the metered energy will be used for growing.

Accounts <20 kW are set up on TOU-GS-1, 20-200 kW are TOU-GS-2, 200-500 kW are TOU-GS-3, and >500 is TOU-8. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
— Representative from Southern California Edison (SCE)

Additional sustainable power supplied via...

  1. Photovoltaic & parabolic solar-covered parking structures & rooftops.

  2. Co-Generation systems supplied by high-pressure gas lines.

    • Leveraging the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP) provides substantial economic benefits and enhanced environmental control within the project’s cultivation facilities.



California's first canna-business park to receive board approval for a total-project Water Supply Assessment & Verification.

Click Here to view the Coachillin' WSA/WSV

Mission Springs Water District (MSWD) will supply domestic water (as back-up for cultivation water), but cultivators will enjoy more than 50% cultivation water cost reduction compared to local water utility domestic rates!

  • Shared water well on-site.

  • Four (4) million gallon storage reservoir & distribution system.

    • Represents ±30 day supply at full buildout!

    • Distributing both untreated & fully purified RO water to every parcel / facility!

  • Park-wide Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification system.

    • Save thousands; no need for individual RO system!



An Access-Controlled, Privately secured, Industrial Compound

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Veterans High Risk Security Solutions (VHRSS) will provide total site security by armed military security experts.
VHRSS personnel are uniquely qualified –many former special forces– each having extensive experience securing U.S. Embassies world-wide.

  • VHRSS Armed Transportation Services also available.

    • Ensuring deliveries are on-time, safe, and transparent according to all DHS municipal- and State of California regulations.

  • Total site security costs collectively shared amongst Owner's Association members.

    • Affords owners & tenants in the project best-of-the-best security, at less than 50% of the cost (when compared to "mall-cop" $25/hour caliber security required to otherwise protect an independent facility)!


Property Owners Association

driving down cost of goods sold & ensuring long-term operational sustainability

The Coachillin' Canna-Business Park is unique in that all of the licensed landowners & tenants will own a proportionate interest in a collaborative Owner's Association, which will share many of the ongoing costs within the park. This ensures that operations within the Coachillin' Project may collectively achieve economies of scale, affording our landowners & tenants the best-of-the-best, at a fraction of the cost otherwise borne by independent operations.

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  • Examples of shared costs include total site security, perimeter wall & fencing, cultivation well-water distribution system maintenance, and more...



Catapulting the Cannabis Industry into the 21st century with State-of-the-art technology


Coachillin' Technology, LLC
will outfit operators in the park with next-gen technology...

including (but not limited to): 

  • Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform equipped with:

    • Seed-to-Sale / Track & Trace functionality for complete regulatory compliance and chain of custody monitoring.

    • Universal operational & environmental control systems compatibility.

    • Robust data aggregation engine.

    • Analytics powered by A.I. & machine-learning algorithms to derive actionable business intelligence / insights at both the macro & granular levels.

  • Environmental Data Collection, A.I. Controls Systems, and Cutting-Edge Analytical Tools

  • Private Fiber-Optic Infrastructure & Internet Service Provider (ISP)

    • Offering fiber-optic connection speeds to all facilities in the project for remote monitoring and secure operational control.

    • Separate closed-loop dedicated fiber infrastructure for site security cameras.

  • Cost-Conscious Security Technology Integration

    • Deploying unified platform for project-wide video surveillance, intrusion detection, and facility access control.

    • Advanced event-based security monitoring with powerful analytics & incident detection systems.

And so much more....!